Frauke was a keynote speaker at IIHF 2022 Coaching Symposium held in Tampere, Finland. Her expertise on Fair-coaching was a great addition to our symposium and for the Ice Hockey professionals attending it. The way she planned and executed a interactive facilitation about Fair coaching to 150 participants was very professional. Her energy and positivity was compelling to the audience. Very happy to recommend her as a Keynote speaker to future events regarding coaching.

Pyry Lukkarila, MSc (sport)

Head of Coach Development
Finnish Ice Hockey Association


Frauke took on the role of Sport Office Manager in the International Ice Hockey Federation’s World Championship in Helsinki. A Sport Office Manager needs coordination and organizational skills in addition to good people skills. It is intense work in a competitive environment, around team staff helping their respective teams towards top-level performance.

Frauke is hardworking, committed and organized. She does well with people, and is fluent in several languages. She is not afraid of challenges and to work hard but her style is involving people, coaching them to take more responsibility and ownership for their tasks. She supports with a smile.

Tuula Puputti

Director, Sports
2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship
Organizing Committee
Tampere - Helsinki


Frauke joined the Fair Coaching project’s team in September 2021 with the role of coach and referent for some relevant outputs of the action, such as the Fair Coaching Toolkit for Coaches and the training sessions for coaches. She contributed to the creation and the development of the Toolkit’s contents, as well as to the organization and delivery of the training sessions in Finland. Also, she contributed to the creation of the FC Ethic Code, that sums up the outcomes of an international work of coaches from different sports and different EU countries.

Frauke is definitely committed and well organized, she managed to interact well with the project’s team and understand the project’s aims and design quickly, despite her not joining the project from the get-go. Her contribution improved the work of the Finnish Coaches Association as member of the partnership, as well as the overall quality of the project’s work.

Alice Bruni

“Fair Coaching” Project Manager – EU projects manager
ItalyLega Pallavolo Serie A


We turned to Dr.Frauke Kubischta for the task of creating a ”Safety Game Module” within the e-learning strategy for the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation (SIHF).The collaboration came off an existing, longer professional contact between Markus Graf and Dr.Kubischta as part of the Youth Development Committee of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).We consider Dr.Kubischta as a reliable and competent partner in the field of teaching material development. The ”Safety Game Module” is aimed at coaches, parents and officials and conveys a step-by-step introduction to the world of ice hockey equipment, its importance, its maintenance and protective function.The module was created according to our pedagogical guidelines and developed with commitment and submitted in a timely manner during 2021. We would like to thank Dr.Kubischta.

Markus Graf

Director of Youth Sports Development
Swiss Ice Hockey Federation


Dr Frauke has conducted a number of webinars for Singapore Swimming in 2021.

Focusing on Coach Developers, Dr Frauke has been a delight in conducting and sharing her perspectives with us.

During the sessions, her presentation is broken down into clear concepts which allows for easier understanding. Using technology, she has increased the engagement within each session as well.

Dr Frauke is a positive influence to the Coach Developers and by extension coaches here in Singapore.

The focus of her webinar workshops was the development of the C’s System in Coaching, well-being of coaches, as well as the development of problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Condrey Liu

Coach and Club Developer, Senior Manager
Singapore Swimming Association


As part of our Erasmus+ project, TOWARDS E-COACHING, THE FIRST STEP TO BUILD TRUST WITH A DIGITAL COACH, Frauke accompanied our international project team during a 1.5-day workshop with valuable learning and teaching concepts, as well as innovative coaching approaches combined with tools for a digital implementation. With her calm and cheerful attitude, she carried the participants along and promoted proactively the exchange between the participants. The training was for us an important step towards our next project goal: developing a self-study course on e-coaching for academic teachers. After the session with Frauke we feel more than prepared to continue our journey.

Anne Bastian

International SEPT Competence Center
Leipzig University


Frauke has delivered numerous mental training workshops as part of the Lahti Thaiboxing Club Muay Girl Force project during 2021-2022. The project is targeted at 13- to 18-year-old girls. It includes not only thaiboxing training but also workshops on self-defence and mental training. The mental training workshops covered the topics of self-reliance, confidence building, motivation, commitment, developing mental toughness, inclusivity, prevention of harassment and abuse. Frauke’s unique abilities to pitch the workshop topics at just the right level and creating a safe environment for the girls has provided them with the possibility to openly share and discuss the topics, helping them on their own development paths towards young womanhood.

Hannu Vappula

Head Coach
Lahti Thaiboxing Club


We hired Frauke as an external expert for the CoachForce 21 project for 2020-2021. Her responsibilities included researching, translating, completing lay-out and finalising project materials for the CF 21 project. Frauke’s expertise in research ensured that she delivered well-prepared and organized materials well before the deadlines.
Also, on short notice Frauke always provided in-depth thoughts and creative ideas to help move the project forward.

The CoachForce 21 is a 3-year Erasmus + project aiming at strengthening coach representation at a national as well as European level through guidance and support for existing and developing coaches’ associations in the EU.

Raino Nieminen

Professional Coaches of Finland (SAVAL ry)


Dr. Frauke Kubischta has been teaching English in the Sport Facility Maintenance staff and manager education trainings (LPH and LPM) already when she was still working at her old workplace. When she made the step to become an entrepreneur it was only natural to ask her to continue with the classes. She plans each lesson carefully, always matching it to the current topics of the LPH and LPM education trainings, supporting the development of an active and targeted vocabulary base applicable in the everyday working environment of the LPH and LPM students. She challenges each student just right to bravely use and apply English at their workplace to the extent that each of them feels comfortable with. She furthermore manages skilfully to engage the even most reluctant students in her sessions, either in-class or online.

Manu Varho

Director of the Sports Facility Maintenance Institute
Sport Institute of Finland


Our company has used Dr. Frauke Kubischta’s expertise and multi-linguistic abilities on several occasions in the past. Her excellent grasp of the Finnish language, and her high-level English language capabilities combined with her native language, German, has helped us tremendously when preparing product descriptions and sales pitches for the international market. Even though our product range (security services, safety and protective equipment) is somewhat outside of her usual expertise areas.

Hannu Vappula

Total Sec Oy